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Cockermouth, Cumbris

Mere Glass - Individually handcrafted dichroic glass jewellery on sterling silver. Handmade in the Lake District, UK, by Hannah. Beautiful bespoke jewellery; each product is completely unique. Read about Mere Glass and the jewellery. Buy products from our online store. Contact us directly for information about commissions or selling our products in your own shop.


FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions, Ordering Mere Glass Designer Pendants, Waxed Cotton Cord on Dichroic Glass Pendants

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it 2-4 days before dispatch? If I can, I’ll get your order in the post the next day. However, with two small children, I can’t fulfil orders every day as some days are devoted to childcare.

What is Adjustable Waxed Cord like? I love the waxed cord. There is a small black bead with a silicone lining which slides up and down the cord and allows you to set the length. The cord is finished with a trimmed knot and a dab of glue to prevent fraying.

Why are some shops selling your jewellery cheaper than on the website? I’m keen to support my fabulous retailers. Its a tough world out there, so I’ve set my prices to compare to a standard retail mark-up. If some shops then want to use a smaller mark-up to encourage higher turnover, then that’s their choice. However, I do offer free shipping, a wider range of colours and if you already have a Mere Glass Chain, the opportunity to just buy the pendant.

Why does the colour on the Pendant I ordered seem slightly different to that in the picture? Dichroic Glass reflects one colour and transmits another. You can see this very strongly on the pendants below which show both the Aqua and Purple. Added to this, the colour tones look different in daylight compared to artificial light and I sometimes get variations in the base art glass I order. Hopefully, what you get is a beautiful piece of jewellery that is as close to the photograph as possible.

Why do the patterns on the jewellery look different to the one in the example picture? Every piece is a unique piece of designer art-glass so pieces look similar, but not identical to the example images on the website.

Where can I visit to buy one? Check out my stockists page. At the moment, I’m very much a Lake District brand, however, I’m aiming to supply nationally in the next few years so if you have a shop nearby that you think would be “perfect” for Mere Glass, then let me know.

Why can’t I find a picture of all the earrings in Every Colour? I’m working on it, hopefully these pictures will be in place before the end of October.

What do I do if the glass comes off my earring post? Unfortunately this does happen but it is very rare. I grind both surfaces and use Double Epoxy Resin to ensure the best possible seal. If you’re feeling handy, a bit of Double Epoxy Resin does the trick to reattach. Alternatively, post me back the pair and I’ll fix it and post it back to you.

How durable are the Pendants? The fusing process means these pendants are extremely durable. I often drop them whilst working and no harm done. I won’t say you can’t break them… hitting a corner on a flagstone floor might chip, but you’d be unlucky.