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Cockermouth, Cumbris

Mere Glass - Individually handcrafted dichroic glass jewellery on sterling silver. Handmade in the Lake District, UK, by Hannah. Beautiful bespoke jewellery; each product is completely unique. Read about Mere Glass and the jewellery. Buy products from our online store. Contact us directly for information about commissions or selling our products in your own shop.

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About the Jewellery About The Jewellery page for Mere Glass. Bespoke dichroic glass jewellery on sterling silver. Handmade in the Lake District, UK.

What does “Handcrafted” mean?

All the pendants and earrings start life as sheets of art glass. I then use a diamond cutter to score and crack the sheets into the shapes I’m hoping for. There can be a lot of waste at this point as the glass can shatter in the wrong places. Mere Glass Dichroic Jewellery Info Card

I often fire the top layer of glass on its own so that I can decorate it with painted designs and thin glass sheets called confetti. Then I decorate the dichroic base glass with ground glass and more confetti to give colour and texture. I’ll often spend a few days hand making a batch in the kiln before firing them one more time to fuse the layers together.

In the kiln, temperatures need to get to over 700ºCfor the glass to melt and then stay at 500ºC while the molecules in the different layers “anneal” to one another. All this leads up to the exciting “reveal”; this can be the best moment (if I get a kiln with lots of beautiful jewellery) or the worst, when I realise that colours and designs have gone awry and layers have slipped or left jagged edges. However, when it goes right its magical: the colours of the dichroic are amazingly intense and the clear layers of top glass give a real sense of depth to the pieces.

It is this lengthy layering process and attention to detail and design that make every piece genuinely unique. It is also the reason that my work costs more than the lovely, but ready-made dichroic cabochons that a lot of dichroic jewellery features. 

A little word about colours:

Dichroic glass means "Two Colours" (a Dominant and Accessory colour). This means that the colours of the same piece will look different depending on the angle of the photograph. For example a Shimmering Pink Pendant will have hints of the Accessory Green colour in some of the photos, but this is not very apparent when worn in real life. Every effort is made to keep the colours of the photos true to the original pendant, but it is possible that the jewellery may be a slightly different shade in real life than it appears onscreen.