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Cockermouth, Cumbris

Mere Glass - Individually handcrafted dichroic glass jewellery on sterling silver. Handmade in the Lake District, UK, by Hannah. Beautiful bespoke jewellery; each product is completely unique. Read about Mere Glass and the jewellery. Buy products from our online store. Contact us directly for information about commissions or selling our products in your own shop.

Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Mere Glass wholesale terms and conditions.

Mere Glass Terms and Conditions and FAQ for Trade Buyers


Getting Going with Mere Glass:

First Order Contents:

In addition to jewellery and display boxes with cards, your first order from Mere Glass will also contain:

  • Bespoke Slate Stand for each Range ordered

  • Bust for GHYLL showstopper ( if required)

  • Lint Roller for de-fluffing foam inserts

  • Silver Polishing Cloth ( if required)

  • Copy of T&C and FAQ’s

  • Slate Shards for angling Earring Boxes

  • Selection of Marketing Material ( TBD following consultation)

Shipping and Minimum Order:

Minimum Order 10 pieces.

Orders over £150 enjoy free shipping. Shipping Costs for orders under £150 are £3.99

Lead Times:

2 weeks officially from placing an order. However, in practice I’ll try to satisfy within the week.

Following BCTF 2019:  Due to Easter Holidays, Lead times for orders placed at BCTF is:

  • 3 weeks for first 200 pieces ordered: 5 Weeks for next 200: 6 weeks for next 200: 7 weeks for next 200 etc…

  • If possible, I hope to be able to deliver these substantially quicker as I have a lot of stock pre-made, but I’d rather overestimate times and then exceed your expectations than the other way round.


All Invoices are Requested to be paid within 3 weeks.

Orders made via have a card/Paypal facility on the website.

First Orders to New Customers must be paid before shipping. See Returns for more information


The majority of stockists prefer me to send them a selection of bestselling colours, but I’m very happy for you to select or veto any colours either by email or in the “any other information” form when you order on the website.

The Glass always has a primary colour which you see from the front, and a secondary colour which you see from the side. All my colours are named for their primary colour. For example, “Aqua’s” secondary colour is purple.

There are unavoidable colour shifts between batches. sometimes this results in "happy accidents”, other times the colour shift is less pleasing. I can tweak a little in the kiln. firing schedule, but on occasion some colours are unavailable until I manage to source a different batch.

“Shimmering” in the colour description means that the base glass is transparent rather than opaque which creates more of a sparkle.

Bestselling Colours (click on the name to see an example)

What if a Colour Doesn’t Sell for 6 months? Although fashion does play a role in choices, I’ve found that the colours people love seems to stay fairly consistent. However, it’s really useful for me to know if there is a colour that just isn’t working for you. As a result I’m happy to exchange up to 5 pendants in any 6 month period if you feel the colour isn’t working. Pendants must be in good condition and not attached to silver chains. Pendants can be exchanged for a colour of your choice in the same range, or a different range at the same price.

The colours are exceptionally eye-catching but do require some natural or artificial light.

Sizing, Design and Individuality:

This is a handmade product. Each design is unique and there will always be millimetre variations in the sizing and placement of the hole. As such the dimensions will always be a guide rather than exact. Sometimes a little base glass will be exposed, and some colours naturally fuse with a more rounded edge.


The Glass Pendants in the core Ranges are extremely durable and the colour never fades. It is possible to chip one if you drop it onto a hard stone floor but this is rare.

Showstoppers such as GHYLL are slightly more fragile and I wouldn’t recommend dropping them onto a hard surface from a height

Glue:  The IDA, AVA and Exquisite Studs are all glued on. I take great lengths to get a good seal by grinding the bases of both but on rare occasions I do find the earring studs fail. If this happens, my sincere apologies to you and your customer, and another set will be in the post to you as soon as possible. To date, no IDA or AVA pendants have failed.

Burrs: Glass fragments which I use to create the design sometimes fuse to the edges. I discard any pieces which don’t feel comfortable, but if you find one I’ve missed I’ll replace it.


All my findings ( except for the waxed cord) are Sterling Silver. The loop metal in the earrings is Fine Silver

16 and 18” chains are available for Lilabet, Kari and Linea. Initially I only stocked 16” but after many requests for 18” I offered that as well at the same price as I don’t want customers penalised for needing a longer chain.

If you’re not sure which you need, then pick 18” and then buy a few extra 16” for customers who need shorter. Or buy one range on 18” and one on 16”. I recommend AVA and IDA always come on 18”

Tarnishing: I recommend running a silver polishing cloth(included) it over any display chains weekly to prevent tarnishing. If tarnishing occurs, then the bicarb, aluminium foil and hot water method (Google it) works a treat.


The Black foam inside the boxes can get a little fluffy when left on display. I provide all new orders with a rolling fluff picker upper which keeps things nice.

I try to reuse postal packaging that comes my way in life. Its more ECO and cheaper so orders may not come in the fanciest postal packaging.

Stand Display:

I like to display 1 range on one stand. The exception is doing several ranges in one colour for a feature window display.

The stands are handmade from slate quarried in the heart of the Lake District and when grouped together create a striking “mountainous” effect.


I will offer a refund if told within 14 days of receiving goods that you want to cancel. You then have another 14 days to return the goods once I’ve been told. I will refund the you within 14 days of receiving the goods back and you don’t have to provide a reason.

See Colours Section for details on exchanging specific colours.

If you decide you no longer want to stock Mere Glass, I ask that you please post back the Slate Stands and any Marketing Material as they can be reused and recycled. I also wish you the best of luck and appreciate your custom.

Working Hours:

My working hours are extremely flexible and have to fit around the childcare available for my 2 and 5 year old girls. I work a lot of evenings and anticipate increasing time to devote to Mere Glass over the next year as they get older.


Any other questions, please get in touch with me.